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Not even close to how he was with Suzy. Tim finally arrived at Mrs. As he waited, Tim suddenly noticed that Mrs. But she may have decided to put it in the garage. He was starting to get worried nonetheless. His cock was already slightly erect, and there was no way he was going to like going home and beating off after all this anticipation. He went to knock again, but the door opened. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. It took a minute for Tim to regain his composure.

The boy was visibly disappointed. She said that… somebody would be coming by to speak with her. She had mentioned him in some of their conversations. Gerald was 14 and still in middle school. And like his father, he played hockey. He was supposed to be at a hockey camp over miles away right now. Your mom is Mrs. Tim walked past Gerald and tried his hardest not to look as if he had been inside the house before. And yet he had fucked Mrs. Rupert right there on the welcome mat this morning. He had no clue what he was talking about, but it was obviously something set up by Mrs. Rupert, who was obviously not here.

So he was careful to go along with it. Rupert go? He really was going to have to jerk off by himself now. Tell her I said thanks.

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She gave me a bunch of corrected papers and some notebook to give to you. Gerald had tricked him. He had to get out of this somehow. Probably a lot of times. And my dad always uses the upstairs bathroom to shower. And when I walked into the house today, I found two used condoms by the couch. Tim and Mrs. Rupert had sex twice last night while watching the Playboy Channel on the couch.

Tim hoped she had managed to throw away the other condoms that they had used before her son had found those too. He played the part of gentleman.

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But I need to know why she did this. Tell me why. And when he saw that Gerald was dead-serious, he sat down too and let out a long sigh. But… she still loves her family, believe me. Tim hesitated. Was he really going to tell this stranger about Suzy? He almost certainly would break out crying, and Tim doubted that Gerald would comfort him. And yet, Gerald looked generally curious.


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Maybe he deserved to know everything. He told Gerald all about the roller rink Friday nights, and the lunches spent together in the school cafeteria. He told Gerald about the kiss at the Christmas dance. He even told him about the time they had lost their virginity together. And finally a tear slipped out of his eye.

And another. He hoped Gerald was happy now, after putting him through all this hurt again.

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He just wrapped his arms around Gerald now and cried even harder. Gerald should have been so mad at him, but yet here he was, acting as a shoulder to cry on. And that person was taken away too. We did everything together. We gave each our first kiss… We had sex with each other for the first time… We just did everything. But when our fathers found out about it, we were split up. It was so quick. He had no idea that Gerald was gay or bisexual or whatever. We were just meant for each other, no matter if we were both guys.

I miss him so much. At night, I think about him all the time. All the boys there know about us, and so I get teased a lot. My mother understand me though. It was wonderful while it lasted. I still think that some day he could come back to me.

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With that, Tim leaned forward and hugged Gerald. Tim felt an awkward attachment to this younger boy, and all he wanted to do was comfort him right this moment. Not even Mrs.

Then Tim felt a disturbing thought overcome him, and he let go of Gerald. Gerald seemed to notice something was wrong, but decided not to inquire. Tim picked his eyes up off the ground and allowed a smile to cross his face. Tim liked champagne the best, but then he remembered that he had drank the last bottle in the house off of Mrs. Tim swallowed. Tim was hesitant at first, thinking how odd it was that Gerald was joking about such a sensitive subject. But then the joke crept up on him, and Tim finally burst into laughter too.

Gerald smiled at Tim, glad that he found the joke funny.