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He also encourages Muslims to recognize the beauty of the world through the lenses of Islamic teachings and to understand their religion in reference to its past to help them figure out how to live their lives in the modern world. Abou El Fadl believes that the Muslim community is in the midst of a crisis.

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We are not defined by our relationship to God or by truth or beauty. We are defined by a ferocious sense of insecurity. We are not an innovative synchronism — we are a scary deformity.

Is he forgetting the good and beauty that he observes in his early pages? If we concentrate on the ugly, will we ever find the beautiful? Each essay was written in the context of an imagined conference of books that occurs every night.

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The books represented here are the books of my personal library, which contains books on a variety of subjects including Judaism, Christianity, law, philosophy, and literature. However, the books represented in this conference are mostly classical Islamic texts, and these texts engage their readers in reflections about the contemporary Muslim reality.

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Books, in general, preserve snapshots of the intellectual activity of their authors. Classical Islamic texts are the repository of the intellects of the past—the intellects that eventually transformed into books.

With this in mind, I engaged the intellects of the past in addressing the intellects of the present. A Muslim may read these essays as the testament of a Muslim jurist on the problems that confront us today. A non-Muslim may read these essays for their sociological significance and for their relevance to comparative insights on law and theology.


Conference of the Books: The Search for Beauty in Islam

Yet, as the Islamic message was addressed to human beings at large, I wrote these essays for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. My primary focus is on the ethos of knowledge and beauty in modern Islam.

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Furthermore, this book seeks to create a nexus and bond between the Islamic intellectual heritage of the past and contemporary Muslim thought. Muslims today are uprooted from their intellectual tradition, and the result has been that Muslims have lost the ethos of knowledge, as well as their moral and intellectual grounding.

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And, this single book has inspired an intellectual heritage of beauty and magnificence. It is my hope that the Conference of the Books will help rekindle the interest of Muslims in the book, and in their rich intellectual heritage Abou El Fadl. Table of Contents New Edition.